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  • Stanil Check the forums for weekend group we need healers then we can start flexing out
    12/19/2014 18:36
  • Garwulf so...yeah..GG BLizz on screwing up yet again...
    12/02/2014 19:44
  • Stanil Power leveling guides for WoD are up on the forums I'll post more when I find them
    11/09/2014 15:31
  • Stanil fluffy I just wnat a flex raid garrosh kill
    10/07/2014 17:30
  • Andramedae Preorder you WoD right now!!!!!&#jrhsirb
    03/10/2014 11:08
  • Andramedae KT + Ghostlands connection on March 6th
    02/20/2014 16:59
  • Andramedae Happy New Year BL!!
    01/01/2014 00:38
  • Andramedae 5.4 releases Sept 10!
    08/21/2013 10:17
  • Stanil Anyone going to Otakon ?
    08/06/2013 08:30
  • Garwulf Wassup BL!!
    06/05/2013 23:02
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12/22/2014 04:13

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Heroic: Immerseus

12/06/2013 01:46

Garrosh, Blacklisted x 2

11/26/2013 00:00

We did it!

11/22/2013 12:42

Bittersweet kill this week.

07/29/2013 13:10

Blacklisted of Kael'thas
Blacklisted is a Horde guild on the US-Kael'thas server. We've been around since early BC, and enjoy long walks on the beach.
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Challenge Warlords!
12/17/2014 20:57 by Yume
Istoleyobike, Clazzic, Japunga, & crew are the first on the server to wrap up gold challenge modes this week, earning realm best times along the way. Grats!


Killing time and Getting ready for WoD
10/30/2014 23:35 by Yume
Or resident AH guru, D, has been keeping us busy waiting for WoD with a screen shot contests. With gold rewards for the winners! Get your entry in for the third challenge, and you could be the lucky winner of 10,000 gold!

The Third Challenge! The new challenge is this: The coolest screenshot with a level 1 toon.

Contest #2 (Fire and Ice) Winners:
Grand Prize: Sillysatan

Honorable Mention Award: Magicicle

Contest #1 (Purple) Winners:
Grand Prize: Yume

Honorable Mention Award: Sillysatan and Rykër

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We are currently looking for additional reliable players who can balance real life with the stress of raiding.
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Rogue Rogue Limited
Shaman Shaman Limited
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