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Killing time and Getting ready for WoD
10/30/2014 23:35 by Yume.
Or resident AH guru, D, has been keeping us busy waiting for WoD with a screen shot contests. With gold rewards for the winners! Get your entry in for the third challenge, and you could be the lucky winner of 10,000 gold!

The Third Challenge! The new challenge is this: The coolest screenshot with a level 1 toon.

Contest #2 (Fire and Ice) Winners:
Grand Prize: Sillysatan

Honorable Mention Award: Magicicle

Contest #1 (Purple) Winners:
Grand Prize: Yume

Honorable Mention Award: Sillysatan and Rykër


Just have the best Screen Shot, no luck needed.Dienna at 11/09/2014 18:27
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