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More Ulduar
04/26/2009 16:47 by Onoes.

Both groups pushed further into Ulduar this week, bolstered by much improved attendance. We <3 our ferals.

Congratulations to Weekday on crushing XT-002 and Iron Council, and special congratulations to Mall on his first Fragment of Val'anyr. P.S. Weekday - learn to take screenshots, k?

Weekend group took some helpful tips from the weekdayers and cleared out Ignis and Kologarn in addition to Iron Council and XT. We continued our tradition of enrage-timer wipefest kills, with Razorscale and XT turning into enrage zergs.

Let's have Maerad and Lovedr teach the rest of us healers how to dps.

On the 10-man front we continued our enrage-dps-zerging with the worst Mimiron kill possible.

The red vertical lines are deaths:


None yet.

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