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Heroic Maloriak
03/02/2011 01:49 by Onoes.
Well, this was a much more satisfying fight to work on than Chimaeron was. This minion failed to disappoint.

While we're frustrated that it took a full week of essentially wasted time before coming in and two-shotting him tonight with a slightly revised phase-2 strategy, we're all very happy that this is at least a boss where the outcome is determined by what we do, as opposed to how Blizzard's dice roll as with Chimaeron.
Continuing our trend from last kill, we managed to post some top-ranked numbers, with Onoes nailing world #5 healing.

In other news, we also have another raid working their way through the heroic bosses now - currently 12/12 normal, 1/13 heroic. Keep the kills coming, PBA!


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