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Arrr, yer drivin' me nuts
07/30/2011 00:25 by Onoes.
Well, this certainly gets props for most annoying fight of the tier. Having the people in charge of directing the thing have to be behind his massive legs sure adds a fun component to it all, on top of the various RNG elements to it.
In the end, it turns out that having Ventar go full-on pirate mode and call legs out as "Port" and "Starboard" made all the difference. Satisfying kill, even if it was quite a step down in difficulty from what we were doing on Wednesday.


Nice ending to a good week, solid work all!

BLKT at 07/30/2011 00:48
Arrghh maties, nice job on the plundering of the booty this beast carried!BLKT at 07/30/2011 10:52
Hott booty.Onoes at 07/31/2011 19:49
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