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Realm First: Firelord!
11/01/2011 23:21 by Onoes.
Well this fight was certainly up to snuff. Not quite as long as Sinestra or Heroic Lich King, but very challenging even after the nerfs.

Major congratulations to everyone (LUCRISH!) who helped us out; would've been impossible without you.

Special congrats to Brutonis on his shiny shiny mount, and thanks to Vish for his LEGENDARY dps!


Ragnaros: 131 attempts over 8 weeks.
Sinestra: 194 attempts over 9 weeks.
Lich King: Not sure how to count this, because we killed heroic Sindragosa on 4/29/2010 and killed Heroic Lich King on 10/09/2010, but the intervening time included leveling and gearing up a priest. No idea how many attempts total, I stopped counting at 350.

Onoes at 11/02/2011 01:41
Onoes at 11/02/2011 07:57

I lol'd so hard at the "ON A TUESDAY!" from me and onoes at the end >=O!

BLKT at 11/02/2011 08:29
I appreciate this kill vid over many others (not only b/c it is ours) because things went wrong mid fight and we adapted and still got the kill. Good job all, and wonderful nerdrage at the end.Dienna at 11/02/2011 15:58
25 man Ragnaros kill
10/13/2011 19:27 by Brutonis.
It took us a while to get here but our 25 man group is finally finished with regular mode fights in Firelands. Good job folks. We failed to get a screen shot of a heroic Shannox kill but yeah we dropped him last week.


None yet.

Heroic Baleroc
09/09/2011 22:28 by Onoes.
Well, rolling right along. Baleroc was a fun fight for the healers, but perhaps not so fun for the melee - playing tag inside an ever-growing boss ass doesn't sound like my idea of a good time. Fun fight when it all comes together, though.

Next, on to kill Ragnaros for the second third time!


I'M A DANCIN BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!BLKT at 09/10/2011 01:06
Survey says....I was playing music too loudly to hear vent on the kill.BLKT at 09/10/2011 08:10
Onoes at 09/14/2011 18:53
Heroic Beth'tilac
09/02/2011 00:35 by Onoes.
Well, by the time we killed this damn spider we were in such a hurry to get away from her that we forgot to take a screenshot, so here is what we thought of her:

Unfortunately, our kill was the one pull that I forgot to fraps of the evening...

All we have to prove we got her is:


omg! LOL!

I <3 the pic

Lucritia at 09/02/2011 00:57
You're supposed to put X's for eyes since it's dead. :-PSillysatan at 09/02/2011 06:53
But you know as well as I, bosses in Wow don't really die. The just have setbacks!Dienna at 09/02/2011 08:17
Onoes at 09/08/2011 23:09
everything about this post is perfect.Kevinarnold at 09/15/2011 20:17
Not Soon Enough!
08/28/2011 01:49 by Onoes.
Well, Majordomo Staghelm lived up to the underwhelming standard set by his predecessor back in Molten Core. A fun fight, especially for our marvy dpsers who get to put up ridiculous numbers all fight long.

Then, because, well, we're achievement whores, we decided to finally go back and finish off T11 content. While a bit underwhelming with our gear level now, it was still fun to finally finish off Ascendant Council.


How do you say excellent week in French?BLKT at 08/28/2011 08:20
excellente semaineBLKT at 08/29/2011 17:31
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